Hello and welcome back to Motivation Monday. Today, we feature none other than Patrick Bet-David, who is a successful startup entrepreneur, the CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., an emerging author, having written the books Drop out and get Schooled, 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible, and The Life of an Entrepreneur, and creator of the Valuetainment youtube channel, which features hundreds of entertaining videos that provide value on entrepreneurship, business, and motivation, with over 400,000 subscribers. Today’s Valuetainment video asks the question, why are some entrepreneurs, successful while others failed? In the words of Bet-David:

Most people only pay attention to the final product of an entrepreneur, they say things like, I can never be like them, what most don’t see, is what they will become. All the struggles and daily rejections, the heartaches, betrayals, the criticisms, the empty bank account, and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a reality. The only difference is that they showed up every day, they worked hard every day, the hustle every day, they learn from a proven mentor every day, they improve every day, they did all this, even though they felt like quitting, and eventually, they became who they are today.