In today’s Motivation Monday, we feature a man who underwent a great deal of rejection before achieving success after launching his e-commerce website, Alibaba, eventually making him the richest man in Asia, with a current net worth of $47.8 billion. But it wasn’t all success, this man, Jack Ma,  failed the college entrance exam three times, applied to 30 different jobs, each of which rejected his applications, including one at KFC, and initially, and Alibaba was also not an instant success, Alibaba had no banks willing to collaborate and took three years before the Alibaba made its first profit. But how does a man who failed at almost everything he ever attempted eventually succeed? Jack Ma explains below:

I did not have a rich father, not from a well-educated, I said I tried three times for university, all failed. I applied for Harvard 10 times, all failed, they don’t even want to see me. I think that is a normal life. I believe that it was so difficult at that time, I was so frustrated. I believed something’s waiting for me there, and I have to work hard to prove myself, so that the tough experience. Nobody believed I could be successful, because they say, well, this guy think differently, think crazy, you never, you know they think about something never work. That is the history, that’s the thing, and after 16 years, we have a lot of Alibaba Group, we have a Taobao group, or have a Tmall group, and have Ali Pay. And people say, how you make it, and why this make it. Why people cannot find opportunities, you can find opportunities. And I think sitting here today, Jack, where is the opportunity, I don’t have a job, I don’t have this, I don’t have that. And then, when you think about this, start to do it. I saw a lot of people, young people, have fantastic ideas every evening, but in the morning, they go to the office and same thing again. Make the move, make action, to anybody, to any person, tomorrow is new. Well I said if something everybody believe in, everybody love it, forget about it, it’s not your opportunity. Because where everybody agrees why the opportunity should be yours, because a lot of people don’t agree with it, and you think this is good, and find a group of people working together and making sure the people, working with you together, believe the dreams, whether investors believe it or not, whether your friends believe it or not, whether your parents believe it or not, that does not important, you believe it, your team believe it, and work day and night on this. That’s what the things happens. Don’t complain, let the other people complain, those people complain, those people who still, and do not always say, well “I don’t have”, think about how you can make things different, use your own brain to think and believe one thing, this is also another last advice I want to give you. You have to work very hard, either work for the others, or work for yourself, and I chose the way, work for myself, but working for myself, that means working for the society, if you really want to work for yourself, think about the others.