Welcome back to our Motivation Monday Clips of the week. Today’s clip presents Michael Keaton, as Ray Kroc in the movie Founder, who discusses the one thing that allowed a 52-year-old Milkshake Machine Salesman to establish and grow a fast-food empire consisting of 16,000 restaurants in 50 states and in 5 foreign countries with an annual revenue of approximately $700,000,000.00. What is that one thing? “Persistence,” says Mr. Kroc; Mr. Kroc states that persistence is something that:

Nothing in this world can take the place of good old persistence. Talent won’t.

Nothing’s more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius won’t.

Unrecognized genius is practically a cliche. Education won’t.

Why the world is full of educated fools.

Persistence and determination alone are all powerful.

Persistence is the one thing that allowed Ray Kroc overcome all obstacles in developing his business and will help you to overcome almost all the failures and obstacles that come your way when building your business.