Steve Blank; author, academic and Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who has co-founded a total of eight startups, is a tech-pioneer whose influence spanned from “semiconductors, video games, personal computers, and supercomputers.” Blank retired one day before his eighth venture, E.piphany, a company specialized in developing customer relationship management software, went public in 1999. Today, Blank teaches entrepreneurship U.C. Berkeley- Haas Business School, Columbia University, and Stanford University, which is where we get his words of advice.

So failure sucks, anybody who tells you that failure’s good and it’s fine to fail, obviously has never done it. It’s not fine to fail, it’s terrible, but if you’re afraid to fail, then you’ll never succeed, and that’s slightly different. And the Lean Startup Model actually has a really neat thing about failure. It allows you to fail fast and recover, but people confuse lean with, the goal is to fail fast. No, the goal is not to fail at all, but the odds are, you will fail. But because you will fail early, it allows you to do a pivot or even a restart.