Jeff Bezos. Entrepreneur, business leader, and e-commerce pioneer set up shop for, Inc. in his garage after leaving his job at D. E. Shaw & Co., where he and the company’s initial employees began developing software, eventually registering the domain name  July 16, 1995. During its early days, Amazon focused on selling books, and was doing so across the United States and 45 other countries within the first month, finally going public in 1997 and out-performing the online retail stores of traditional retailers to ultimately becoming an e-commerce leader. This explosive growth led to the quick expansion of inventory to CDs, clothes, electronics, starting Amazon Prime and Amazon Studios, and acquiring The Washington Post.

That you are focused on something you’re passionate about. You can’t follow the fashion. When you’re trying to do a startup company, or I think really anything in life, but you have to, as an entrepreneur, if you’re going, if you’re going to build a company, pick something you think is interesting, that has the intersection of genuinely creating real customer value, and then just stay right there and let the weight catch you. When I first talked to my wife who she, who she had married a, you know, relatively stable, goofy, but still relatively stable, a person working at a wall street firm, over to the quantitative hedge fund, and this was a hard decision and I was looking for the right framework in which to make that kind of important decision; and the right framework I found is a regret minimization framework and so, that’s just a nerdy way of saying that you want to project yourself to age 80. And then think back over your life and if you’re, if you’re 81 or if you want to minimize the regrets, but it was a very clear way for me to think about that kind of life decision and then in the way it helped was I thought, okay, if I go do this thing and participate in this thing called the Internet, that I truly believe is going to be a big deal, and if I fail, am I going to regret having tried and failed? I knew the answer to that was no, but I also knew that if I didn’t try, that I would always regret that.