Elon Musk; business magnate, investor, engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor, is known for his eccentric ideas and has spent his life proving other individuals wrong. Musk created his first company, Zip2 in 1995, which was his vision for an online version of Yellow pages, then founded x.com, now know as PayPal, and after, founded SpaceX and Tesla with and funded it with the capital from the sale of PayPal to eBay. According to Musk, he draws his motivation from his optimistic vision for the future, saying, “I’m just trying to think about the future, and not be sad.” Going through with his ideas in spite of fear, and in his own words:

There need to be reasons to get up in the morning, life can’t just be about solving problems, otherwise, what’s the point. There’s gotta be things that people find inspiring, and make life worth living. I think I feel fear quite strongly, so it’s not as though I just have the absence of fear, I feel it quite strongly. But there are times when something is important enough, you believe in it enough, but you do it in spite of the fear. People shouldn’t think, “I feel fear about this, and therefore I shouldn’t do it.” It’s normal to feel fear. In starting SpaceX, I thought the odds of success were less than 10%. Same with Tesla, I thought the odds of succeeding were extremely low.