Nick Woodman’s definition of an entrepreneur, is somebody who can take an idea, and make it a reality. However, that was not always the case for Woodman. Woodman’s first two ideas, an online electronics retail platform,, and a gaming and marketing platform, Funbug never materialized. It was not until Woodman’s interest in creating a waterproof camera to record himself surfing, was where he created GoPro, with its first product being a waterproof, wrist-mounted camera in 2004, and through the years with further development, would eventually become the best selling camera in the world, but with this success, Woodman learned that:

“Success has taught me that, one of the most important things an entrepreneur can have is perseverance, the dedication and willingness to fail and pick yourself up again,”

“One of the things that’s really benefitted GoPro, is a healthy dose of fear, that you’re going to get taken out by somebody and a healthy enthusiasm for all of your great ideas and being impatient as hell, to bring them to reality.”