Project Description

At Valencia & Torres Law, we understand that every family that walks through our doors is different. We are aware how crucial it is to resolve these disputes in a fair way that minimizes harm to the family and your children. As such, we strive to provide individualized representation to fit all of our client’s needs and wants.

What We Do

  • We assist spouses with every aspect of divorce, including the division of assets, allocation of debts, spousal support, child custody and other matters.
  • We can help amend, terminate or enforce an existing spousal support order.
  • We help you through challenging situations involving child support, timeshare, visitation and child relocation.
  • We can assist you through the process of modifying a present child custody, child support, or spousal support.
  •  We always work for our client’s best interest by recommending a settlement, mediation, or arbitration.